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Applying for Adminship

Are you willing to handle one of our servers ? If yes you have came up with the right place sir.
Please read the rules before you do apply for the Admin ship.
Breaking one or more of these rules might lead your administrator power demoted.

Administrators Rules
  • Are strictly prohibited from banning players without a reason.
  • Can NOT Apply for 2 or more servers. You must/should handle 1 server.
  • Can NOT change map at least for 20 minutes, after last map was changed.
  • Can NOT abuse given powers and rights.
  • Can NOT create rules!
  • Can NOT cheat such as using Speedhack, Wallhack, Aimbot, KZhack and ect..
  • Have to maintain order in server.
  • Have to oversee how players follow server rules.
  • Keeps rights to ban people if they offends him.
  • Can ban people, which after getting kicked for high ping keeps coming back to server.
  • Can give you bans for massive ads.
  • Administrators/Vip can NOT swear or insult other players.
If you wish to apply for Admin-ship. Follow this link for more info.
Use the following link above in order to get your application successful.
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