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[Jailbreak] Chris Staff Application!

Nick-Ingame: Chris

Languages you speak: English

How many hours can you be active on the forums/servers per day?: 8

Which server are you applying for?: Jailbreak

AuthID: STEAM_0:1:2433882​

The position you are applying for?: (Staff)

Explain (Why you should be an admin?): I'm a respectfull guy, i can bring my experience and help out with donations every 2 weeks, i'm responsable and capable to handle any situation that can be around the servers. Probably it's to ealier to apply but i'm looking for help out, i don't want let useless and powerhungry users come to here and do anything they want. Let's make Districts a good community.

Date of Birth: (Which year you were born?): 22 11/01/95
Thanks given by: Natsheh , XxBotxX

I Dont know the guy but he seems fun and mature.
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Hello @Chris !.
You seems very friendly & wanting to help us in anyway you could which is nice of you.
I'm glad you applied for Admin ship today. Wish you the best of luck in future might.
Your application might not fit our requirements for now. Until the right time comes hopefully won't be too long.
I don't want to say that But it has to be said, However, you need to be at least known for our regular players in our Community,
don't take me wrong. Since Jailbreak requires More responsibilities and i see that you can't handle it as CT which is important
We don't say that you MUST speak English. Nope, But The mod you requested does not fit your requested admin-ship

You can Still apply for Another mod. You still have a Chance @Chris, There are currently 2 Cs 1.6 servers you can handle..

Note : Please wait at least two weeks until your next Application. Thank you for your understanding.
Note2 : If you think this is unfair. Please Contact @Necro144 / @Natsheh for more info, Or write us a Report.

This answer was a bit early. The reason that i won't to delay your willing to be an admin. So i find it the best to Reply to you now.

Sadly Rejected.
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Hello and thanks for applying, i am sorry to inform you that your staff application has been denied/rejected and you may apply again in two weeks!

Regards GD Staff.
Best Wishes
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